About Selina Bellydancer
Selina is a professional Bellydance teacher and performer in the UK, based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

An inspiring Bellydance performer, Selina performs at special and prestigious events, weddings, birthdays, and restaurants, throughout the UK, and the North East.

Selina also teaches Bellydance in Newcastle (UK), sharing her love of this delicate and feminine art form through her courses and workshops, which take place in a state of the art studio in Jesmond. She also gives private lessons and small group classes.

Selina first fell in love with Bellydance, also known as Raks Sharki, many years ago, when she was lucky enough to see a Bellydance show, and instantly started training in this art form. The beauty and magic of this dance, as well as the music, led her to train for over a decade with some of the world's most renowned Bellydance teachers such as Suzannah, Brigitte and Fanyda in France, as well as many more dance teachers whom she met at workshops in France and the UK.
Her training as a dancer also includes Ballet and contemporary dance, which she also studied in France.

Whilst a student of Brigitte, she was integrated in her professional Bellydance troupe, and performed with Les Flammes d'Or for many years, often touring in France. During that time, she dedicated herself to this beautiful art form, dreaming of one day being able to share her passion for dancing with others. She has performed in over a hundred shows with the troupe, and was often selected to perform for prestigious events in France such as weddings, birthdays, and charity events.

A great believer that an artistic hobby such as Bellydance can have a positive and healing effect on women, her courses and workshops are based on tolerance, kindness and empathy. Indeed, Bellydance is very beneficial to women today because it is a truly feminine art form that is soothing for the soul. Bellydance is peaceful, soothing and gentle, and a woman who practices Bellydance can build up a very positive and feminine image of herself whilst enjoying a great hobby.

All women are welcome to Selina's classes and workshops, no matter what your age and dance or fitness background ; the beauty of Bellydance is for everybody, and every body.

Selina loves nothing more than to dance and share the joy of Bellydance with the audience, and is therefore available for hire if you would like a dancer to perform at your event, such as a wedding, a corporate event, a birthday, hen nights, and restaurant entertainment. Please do not hesitate to contact Selina about all the different options available if you wish to have a Bellydancer make your event unforgettable!

As well as being a professional Bellydancer, Selina has Master's degree in History of Art, which she obtained with first class honours. Her passion for History of Art is still very much alive, and she has been published 4 times in her field of research.